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“Did any of us really know what we were getting into?”
Ilana V, 16, from Highland Park, NJ

“I expected the study to be at a certain academic level. And it was. It met my expectations not a hundred percent but a thousand percent. But what I didn’t expect was the level of kindness here. It was just astonishing – and I felt it from everyone.” Patricia W, FL

“Everyone who comes here is considered an important piece of the Jewish puzzle.”
Stephanie, Santa Cruz, CA

“Bais Chana did it again. Uplifting, inspirational, holy.” Deborah K, student, Chicago, IL

Bais Chana Women International has a history and tradition of excellence.

Israel: A Spiritual Journey
Bais Chana has been in the forefront of Jewish women’s education since its founding in 1971.

Inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his avid support of education for all Jewish women, Rabbi Moshe Feller, Mindy Feller, and Rabbi Manis Friedman opened the doors of Bais Chana in its first home in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, as a place where women with little or no formal Jewish education could rediscover their heritage.

Thirsty for knowledge and sense of community, women came and Bais Chana’s popularity quickly grew. Since that time, many thousands have passed through our doors from nearly every country in the world to attend our extraordinary educational retreats all over the US.

Today as then, our warm, inclusive atmosphere and exceptional teaching staff continue to win the hearts and minds of teenage girls, stay-at-home moms and career women, students and grandmothers. And the friendships made at Bais Chana help girls and women bring the inspiration home.

Bais Chana responds to the needs of each generation of girls and women.
Since 1991 Bais Chana has been diversifying its programs to include shorter retreat segments and daily rates that make it simple to schedule a brief getaway or a month-long immersion. We offer generous scholarship opportunities for college students and teenage girls, accommodations for women attending with children, a choice of three sessions annually especially for teens, a winter break adventure for college women, learning retreats for couples, and an array of venues and attractions across the country that make it easy to combine that cherished vacation break with Jewish enrichment.

In the past ten years Bais Chana has been in nearly three dozen cities, making the experience more available than ever to Jewish girls and women who may never have considered attending because of the cost or inconvenience of travel. And Bais Chana’s new online audio library will put its remarkable Jewish study experience at the easy reach of users the world over.

Berkshires Study Retreat
Women's Study Retreat, Berkshire Mtns, CT
Bais Chana provides the very best in Jewish education for Jewish girls and women.

Bais Chana’s lead teacher, Rabbi Manis Friedman, is an internationally acclaimed educator and has been a guest lecturer at universities, debate societies and community events the world over. He is a social philosopher, a brilliant and very funny teacher, and a sensitive, perceptive counselor whose advice is sought by young and old alike.

The rest of Bais Chana’s rotating faculty is a team of gifted educators and mentors from around the world. And that’s just the beginning. Bais Chana sets the stage for compelling Torah study that will take you on a journey from our texts, traditions, prayers and beliefs to the very soul of Jewish life.

Study materials include Chassidic texts, Torah, prayers, Bible commentary, midrash, Maimonides, Kabbalah, Talmud and more. The potency of a trip to Bais Chana, though, comes from the attention paid to life’s most pressing questions. In Chassidic teachings, everything goes under the microscope: our self-concept and sense of responsibility; our understanding of the human psyche, life’s loves and fears, mind and heart, body and soul, male and female; how we deal with anger and disappointment; what we think about womanhood, intimacy, faith and happiness. The result is remarkable insight into our most important relationships and the ability to look much more deeply into our lives – into our souls – for greater meaning and wisdom.

In between the formal classes, you'll immerse yourself more fully in the learning delving more deeply into the material together with the other women attending. The unique friendship and support that women provide one another through those discussions is a core feature of the experience.

Who comes to Bais Chana?

Women’s Retreats
You have little or no previous Jewish education, or some – and you’re searching for a milieu that’s intellectually challenging and open. Or you want to add meaning to a hectic life full of growing responsibilities and you just need some time away for yourself. Or you need some clear-headed guidance that will stand the test of time. Or you enjoy Jewish tradition and you want to learn the deeper meaning of…everything. If you’re a woman of any age, between eighteen and a hundred, sign up for any of the women’s study retreats happening around the US or Israel and start learning.

Snorkel & Study
You’re a student eager to balance out the intensity of campus life with something completely different. Or you’d like to do some Jewish study but need to stay on the career track. Maybe your friends went last year and came back raving or the rebbetzin at your Chabad House says, “This was made for you!” You watch the videos on the Snorkel & Study site and you can’t resist.

The Jewish Un-Camp
You might be a teenage girl looking for the answers to life’s Big Questions. Or you go to a high school where there are only a handful of Jews. Or you work for the Chabad family in your community and they suggested Bais Chana. Or maybe you're excited about meeting an incredibly diverse group of your Jewish peers from all over the world. Welcome to the Jewish Un-Camp.

Regardless of your age or background, Bais Chana will meet you where you are – spiritually and intellectually – with thought-provoking classes, stimulating group discussions, private tutorials, sensitive mentoring, a really fun hands-on challah baking session or an all-night storytelling and songfest. We mean it: we’re here for you.

Bais Chana is a deep, unforgettable experience, one that will uncover your Jewish soul.
Bais Chana has been called a spiritual re-parenting, a formative life-event that reaches into the deepest parts of your self and uncovers your Jewish soul.

Bais Chana brings together generations of Jewish women for unforgettable Jewish study where dynamic exchanges and meaningful connections happen daily. Where the emphasis is on depth of understanding and taking the next step to a more integrated, happier and more purposeful Jewish life.

The result: your identity as a Jewish woman will have the dimension and clarity it deserves. You'll find your relationships dramatically enriched. And you’ll leave with a life-long foundation for spiritual growth, a profound appreciation for Jewish study that gets to the soul of things and a genuine connection with the mitzvot that Jewish women have been observing since our matriarch Sarah lit her first Shabbat candle.

Bais Chana Women International (a k a Bais Chana of Minnesota) is a 501(c)(3) Chabad non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. The Jewish Un-Camp, Snorkel & Study, Women’s Study Retreats, Couples Retreats, Bais Chana Women YouTube channel, and Bais Chana Online Classes are all projects of Bais Chana Women International, which serves an international clientele of women from all across the Jewish spectrum and from all walks of life, ages 15 and up, through every life-cycle phase.
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